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What are the pros and cons of online activism?

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What are the pros and cons of online activism?

Post  Admin on Fri 27 Jul - 20:11

Think about how you use the internet to campaign for change in politics or your community.

  • What works and what doesn't?

  • What about the internet helps you to effect change?

  • What about the internet prevents change?


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Post  Mdhamiri on Mon 30 Jul - 7:24

I believe the main pro is the ability to reach a large, potentially gigantic, target audience, and make global changes, such as the Kony 2012 campaign. This however, could be also be a con, as it gives 'negatively minded' individuals or organisations the means to spread propaganda. It makes it easier to stay anonymous, giving rise to 'trolls' or Internet bullying, but also allowing people who wouldn't usually speak out to have their say.


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Post  puzzle on Mon 30 Jul - 7:34

I agree with what you have said, I do feel strongly however that having the anonymity does allow people to be more honest and to feel like they can have their say without being judged. But I do see what you were saying with the potential for people to abuse the system, it’s going to happen I guess and probably only in the minority so maybe the pros outweigh the cons?


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Post  Angry Fossil on Wed 15 Aug - 4:57

You certainly have the ability to reach a wide audience but whether you achieve it is unlikely. Kony 2012 was lucky enough to go viral but it also meant that more people researched it and found many flaws in the campaign. Trolls and online bulling is now expected on anything that goes online, this is down to people having more confidence behind a computer screen then in person. Also they do it just to get a reaction out of people.

Angry Fossil

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Re: What are the pros and cons of online activism?

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