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Further information

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Further information

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When and how will it happen?

The research will happen between the 20th July - 31st August 2012, and will be conducted through web-based research, utilising a forum created to generate guided discussions and conducting a review of web based literature. What do I hope to learn? I would like to learn more about the perceptions and experiences of young activists on the relationship between the internet, social media and their political and community participation.

Benefits and risks of involvement in the research

I hope that the research will be interesting and educational for participants, who will have the opportunity to engage with other young activists and to learn from their experiences. The research will pose little risk to the researcher or participants. Data collected will be anonymised and participants are not asked to share personal contact details. Steps will be put in place to ensure that all web based discussion is safe and free from offensive language or content.

Withdrawing from research?

Participation is entirely voluntary and anyone can withdraw from the research at any time before the 31st August. Details of how to withdraw entirely from the research or withdraw individual comments will be available in the online forums. Anonymity and data storage If you agree to take part in the research you will be asked to complete a consent form through 'survey monkey'. This is to ensure that all participants understand what the research is about. You information will be anonymised in any reports, so no one can identify who has contributed to the research.


I will not share your information with anyone else, unless someone is thought to be in danger. If a disclosure is made about harm to a participant or others, then that participant may be removed from the forum and information about the disclosure passed to the appropriate Police or Safeguarding authorities. In the unlikely event that I feel there is risk of significant harm to children or young people the matter will be reported to CEOP.


If you would like to receive a copy of the finished research send a email to with: 'Research Request' in the subject field and a copy will be sent out when it is completed. The research is due to be completed by December 2012. Complaints If you have a complaint about how this research has been conducted, please contact: at the University of Bedfordshire.

Problems or concerns

If you are concerned about any issues relating to internet crime or safety, please see the following sites for support:

Reporting inappropriate contact with children:
Police Central e-Crime advice:


If you would like to ask any questions or discuss the research, visit the 'Questions about the research' section of the forum or contact me at


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